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June 24, 2022, United States Supreme Court Overturns Roe vs. Wade, 1973 Decision, Abortions No Longer Protected By US Constitution…

Why does it matter to Madeira residents? The story begins here, June 30, 2022. Unborn babies have been given a new lease on life, but to what extent? Part of this story will look at how American Businesses and their employees will handle the June 24th decision, including our own hometown Kroger Company.

The Cincinnati Enquirer and other publications have discovered and reported that businesses including Dicks Sporting Goods and Kroger Corporation will cover all or at least some of the travel cost of employees crossing state lines to have an abortion. Since the United States Supreme Court overturned Roe vs Wade, each state will now individually decide if abortions can be obtained in their state. Already states such as New York and California have made their decision to allow abortions. The Enquirer reported that at least 20 states have already decided that abortions will be banned. It was reported that Kroger has always had a policy of providing travel cost for “access to safe and high quality reproductive care”. The definition of high – quality reproduction care” is very unclear. Seems like ending the life of a BABY in the womb of a female Kroger employee would not meet the definition of Reproductive Care. If the Kroger Company insurance were to pay for birth control pills or pay for the delivery of the baby both would meet the definition of Reproduction Care, but ending the life of a human baby in the womb isn’t reproduction care, some say it is murder.

The question now to be asked is why is the Kroger Company and other companies across America so involved in making sure that their employees can still get an abortion, and also can a girlfriend or wife of an employee be compensated for the travel cost involved in an abortion. It appears that corporate America will be encouraging abortions, there may very well be benefits to corporations encouraging abortions. The cost for an abortion is much less than the cost of delivering a live baby and of course when there is an aborted BABY, there is not an dependent of the employee that will be added to the company insurance plan. The cost of delivering a baby from the womb will be far more expensive to the employee and to the Kroger Company or what ever Business is encouraging abortions. Would Kroger founder Barny Kroger think well of his company encouraging abortions by making it easy for Kroger women to obtain or would he rather have encouraged life over murder. We will see what effect these procedures have at the Kroger Company in the near future.

Texas Insurance company announces new efforts, encouraging employees to deliver and raise their babies. Buffer Insurance Company is increasing their support for paid Maternity and Paternity payments and adoption programs. This is contrary to many American Businesses promoting abortions, including financial support.