Tax Base Goes From 1.2 Million To 8 Million Plus…

August 3, 2022
In the Overlook development on Miami Avenue all but one Townhouse have been sold. Realtor Joe Linz and the developer, Eagle Construction have weathered many storms including two years of COVID-19. There were nine units built, and the 9th and last Townhouse is nearing completion. The new development replaces 50 year old or older apartment buildings that were in need of major maintenance work or complete replacement. Replacement was chosen as shown in the attached photos. The Townhouses include a three car garage, 4.5 Baths, 3 bedrooms, a flex room, rooftop terrace with overlook of Madeira. An elevator is optional for less than a few thousand more in cost. The photos included show the 9th Townhouse interior nearing completion. If you are interested in the purchase or want more information please call Joe Linz at 513 300 6663.

Local Woman Begins New Journey…

May 19, 2022, Local Madeira resident Alison Tepe – Guy now has another business endeavor added to her successful career in sales, a restaurant. Alison known to most as Ali, has established Ali’s Bar and Grill at 7820 Camargo Road, formally Westy’s. Ali is a 22-year resident of Oseola Drive and a graduate of Purcell Marian High School, where she became the first female student to participate in a men’s sports program. Many remember when Purcell was an all male student school. Growing up in Norwood Ali is a product of the Tepe dynasty, a family political force for several generations. Ali raised one son as a single mom, Tyson Guy a graduate of Madeira High School in 2016. Ali explained that it was just two years ago when Tyson lost his life when he was 23 years old, he was killed in an automobile accident. The accident was caused by a drunken driver. Ali tells this writer that her loss led her to open Ali’s Bar and Grill. She has support from her husband Dan Bowman, and an excellent Chef, Mattheu Case. Mattheu is a product of the Sycamore School District and began his career working at the Silver Springs restaurant located in Sycamore Township.

The messenger recommends that you try out Ali’s Bar and Grill for good eating. I was given the opportunity to try out some extraordinary pizza while writing this story. I also learned that Chef Case makes everything from scratch including the sandwich buns and French fries. His French Fries brought back memories from 1961 when I was employed at Mcdonald’s in Kenwood. Back then our Fries were made starting with real potatoes that were peeled, sliced, and cooked. Chef Case follows that same plan, where else will you have that same experience? Frozen Fries anyone? Stop by with your family and while there ask Ali about all of her plans for further improvements to her new digs. Photos include Chef Case making my pizza, inspecting the buns made from scratch, and a photo of the proud owner and her chef, menu, is also posted but is subject to change, please confirm with Ali before ordering.

Historic District Getting a New Neighbor

May 30, 2022

Its been ten years or longer when Restaurant Developer and local Madeira resident Thomas Powers met with City Manager Thomas Moeller looking for a location in Madeira for a restaurant. Powers already had a successful eatery in historic Loveland. Powers and partners owned Paxtons Grill. Powers looked at every possible Madeira location, but decided that his restaurant vision needed to be located in the center of Downtown Madeira, and more specifically between Laurel and Railroad Avenue, but this area of Madeira presented problems. On Miami Avenue there were three historic buildings, that included the historic Muchmore House the smaller Hosbrook House and the RR Depot. The two historic houses had been given to the city of Madeira with the understanding that the city would preserve both. The donor was Cleo Hosbrook a lifelong resident and part of some of our earliest settlers. Secondly the B&B Mower business owners were not ready to sell their property. In 2014 an amendment to our city charter was passed by 60% of Madeira voters requiring that the two historic houses had to be preserved, and protected. Shortly after the passage of the charter amendment the city created a Historic District that included both houses and the RR Depot. Another issue that delayed a new restaurant was the cost of acquiring land in Madeira. Powers made one offer to purchase B&B Mower that was way too low, a new offer much later was more than double the original offer. The higher offer was accepted by the B&B Mower owners. Then there were customer parking issues that would be solved with “shared Parking” , parking provided by 5/3 Bank and Stockyards Bank. The term “Shared Parking” is now part of our new zoning code. This new Madeira restaurant known as the “Swingline Grill”, was always a welcome addition to Madeira, nobody has ever objected to the Grill. It is expected that the Swingline Grill, the name is very historic, will be open in early June, joining Ali’s on Camargo Road, providing two more exceptional family eateries. Residents are looking forward to the Swingline Grill in downtown Madeira on Railroad Avenue. The messenger highly recommends your visit to both Ali’s and the Swingline Grill. See the attached photos including the former B&B Mowers and the new Swingline Grill.